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Western Explorer Highway


The famous Western Explorer Highway, which joins the north and the southern ends of the Tarkine has recently been upgraded. A well kept secret, the road offers visitors to the north west of Tasmania the chance to drive to either from end of the 450,000 hectare Tarkine region without backtracking.

The Western Explorer Highway offers a wonderful experience in its own right. While unsealed, it is an excellent road, suitable for two wheel drive vehicles. It transects the world’s largest remaining stretch of temperate rainforest. At the north lie fishing settlements like Couta Rocks and Temma – where the sea can rage and fishermen winch their boats from the water on slips. To the south lies the spectacular Tarkine wilderness rainforest, and the settlement of Corinna.

From coastal tea tree to button grass plains, from towering eucalypts to the soft myrtle beech and man ferns, from coastal and mountain landscapes, the Western Explorer is a unique and little travelled road waiting for people to discover.

Since the road reopened in October 2008, the new Tarkine Hotel and Tannin Restaurant have been opened at Corinna. Visitors can enjoy the food and beverage at Corinna on their journey or choose to stay at Corinna Wilderness Experience. Further travel south starts with the legendary Pieman River barge crossing at Corinna,
on the road south to either Roseberry or Zeehan.

Information about the road, and accommodation at the southern end are available at Corinna on 03 6446 1170 or by clicking here.

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