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Three-day Itinerary

Our Wilderness Experience Three-day Itinerary Package offers an exciting package of activities spread over a generous three days, leaving plenty of time for your own exploration and adventures or just the chance to unwind in our wilderness retreat.


Wilderness Experience Three-day Itinerary

This three-day itinerary includes:


  • 10am: Morning kayak to the mouth of Savage River. Thither your boats for a magical 1.5 hour walk back to Corinna – 3 hour return.


  • 10am: Departure from Corinna dock aboard our Arcadia II for a 4.5 hour cruise down the Pieman River for stunning views of the rainforest. Disembark for lunch and stroll the beach looking at the wild waves at the heads.
  • 3pm: Stretch your legs with a half hour hike and visit the oldest Huon Pine forest – 15min.


  • 3pm: Departure from Corinna dock aboard our Sweetwater vessel for a 1 hour cruise to Lover’s Falls and views of the shipwreck S.S. Croydon in Savage River. Option of walking back to Corinna through the majestic Rainforest – 1.5 hours walk.

INCLUDING: Finish off any day with drinks at the Arhberg Bar for Happy Hour and enjoy local Tasmanian cuisine at the Tannin Restaurant (3 hours, starting at 5pm).

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