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The Tarkine Hotel


uests can access Corinna from the north by road or from the south, crossing the Pieman River on the “Fatman” barge. It costs $28 for a normal size car to make the crossing. Charges are higher for vehicles towing boats, trailers and caravans. (Price effective from 1st October 2018).

Corinna today gives no signs that it was once a throbbing west coast hub to hundreds of people. The respect for that heritage is captured in the remaining buildings and particularly in the “Old Pub” (now a guest house), which played a significant part in the town’s history and has recently been restored to its former glory.

Tannin Restaurant

The new Tarkine Hotel is a focal point for the Corinna community. Fine Tasmanian wines and beers are served at the Hotel, which is really a tavern, as no accommodation is available in the hotel itself. It also houses in the same building, the wonderful Tannin restaurant, named after the tannin stained waters of the Pieman and its tributaries. Currently, the Tannin restaurant serves lunch and dinner during our Summer season only (mid-Sept to mid-May). Our chefs prepared dishes at the end of the Summer season for those wishing to stay during our Winter season (mid-May to mid-Sept). These meals have been prepared and frozen to maintain freshness and can be reheated in your cottage using your gas stove top, and the crockery provided. Alternatively, you are welcome to bring your own supplies to cook in your cottage. Please contact the reception team to obtain a copy of the Winter menu/order form in early May. Tannin offers excellent food using local Tasmanian ingredients where possible. We source genuine Tasmanian leatherwood honey, seafood and meat from local businesses.

Tannin is famous for homemade soup. Dishes served for dinner include our ever-popular Strahan Atlantic Salmon and, as always, the old favourite: Tasmanian Scotch Fillet Steak cooked to your liking. As well as our standard menu, our chefs sometimes prepare specials and offer vegetarian dishes to suit all. A selection of quality Tasmanian beers and local wine is available in the hotel and restaurant.

Tannin offers quality food at excellent value – a tribute to the chefs operating in this remote location.

Other lighter alternatives provide guests with plenty of choice for lunch, and coffee and tea is available around the clock.

Corinna Township

The new wilderness retreats surround a produce store, which houses a large communal barbecue. This area provides another excellent gathering place or function venue for guests. Barbecue packs and salads are available on request and other produce is available from the store at reception in the Tarkine Hotel.

The old miners’ cottages and the new wilderness retreats lie within close proximity to the hotel, providing a sense of community in an isolated part of the world.

Within the hotel reception area, there is a store with limited general provisions. The retail area also sells snack foods, beverages, confectionery, cards, and other basic requisites. Please note that petrol is not available at Corinna.

The town sits on three hectares but is surrounded by hundreds of thousands of hectares of Tarkine Wilderness. There is a public toilet block within the hotel, boat ramps for fishermen, boat trailer parking facility, limited camping capacity and some room for motor homes.

Don’t miss the gravestones of two of the area’s pioneer publicans – Gam Webster and Thomas Davis. These graves can be found down a boarded walk leading off at a point about fifty metres on the southern side of the Pieman.

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