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Nature based activities at Corinna


Corinna has earned a reputation recently for providing guests with a warm welcome, quality, cosy accommodation, and the acclaimed facilities of the Tarkine Hotel and Tannin Restaurant. Management at Corinna have work hard to provide a wide range of nature based activities around the year.

For those who want immerse themselves in the river and rainforest, a wide range of walks and kayak adventures are possible.

Corinna has 16 kayaks available for rental and management can guide guests to interesting tributaries of the Pieman where few others ever venture. Guided trips can be arranged at varying levels of physical challenge.

The three new walks – Huon Pine, Savage River, and Lover’s Falls – have complemented the famous Whyte River walk and the more challenging Mount Donaldson and Pieman Heads to Granville Harbour Coastal walk. There are walks available at all levels of intensity and options that take in different aspects of the river, coastal and rainforest eco system of the southern Tarkine.

Nature lovers interested in birds, native fauna and native flora will have plenty to do in and around Corinna. Burrowing yabbies, Bennett’s wallabies, white bellied sea eagles, blue wrens, quolls, Tasmanian Devils, and possibly a rare sighting of the endangered orange bellied parrot are all on the Corinna nature agenda. The rainforest boasts an incredible number of fungi, some quite rare, in the second quarter of the calendar year.

The management at Corinna will be able to guide your nature activity program, providing maps and lunches where required and even guided tours. This is nature in the raw and it can be responsibly accessed in many ways.

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