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If I am going to Strahan and Cradle Mountain, should I come to Corinna as well?
Corinna offers a unique and intimate rainforest experience. The township is surrounded by thousands of hectares of pristine Tarkine wilderness most of which has been untouched by fire in the history of mankind. The walks and river experience are an escape from mass tourism and are found nowhere else. Some people will choose to come directly to Corinna while others who wish to visit well known attractions at Strahan and Cradle Mountain can do so using the good roads to and from Corinna.

Do I need a four wheel drive vehicle to get to Corinna?
No. The road to Corinna from the north and south is sealed except for a few kilometres either way as the road runs towards the township. The unsealed road is a brilliant all weather surface which has become known as the famous “silica road”. Based on material from the nearby silica mine, this white coloured and well maintained road is suitable for all types of vehicles. We recommend Budget and Redspot car rentals from Launceston and Hobart. Passengers coming off the Spirit at Devonport in their own vehicles can feel confident about the road.

Can I buy food and beverage at Corinna?
Corinna now boasts an excellent hotel and restaurant. (see Tarkine Hotel and Tannin Restaurant). Guests can enjoy tea and coffee, lunch and dinner at the restaurant, or choose to cater for themselves in the well equipped wilderness retreats. There is a good range of local Tasmanian wines, beers and soft drinks. All wilderness retreats and the old pub, have full cooking facilities. There is also a community barbecue in the old produce store. Some lucky guests have eaten well on the magnificent sea running ocean trout that can be caught in the Pieman.

What is there to do at Corinna?
Guests to the Corinna Wilderness Experience have multiple choices, They can relax, dine. walk, unwind or just soak up the atmosphere and experience nature in the raw. There is a range of walks (see walks) from the 20 minute Huon Pine walk, to the award winning 75 minute Whyte River walk, to the recently completed 2.5 hour (one way) Savage River walk, or the more challenging four hour walk to Mount Donaldson. A river cruise on the famous Arcadia II is a must. Kayaks are also available for hire. From the solitude and silence of a kayak, the Tarkine old growth rainforest will really reach out into your soul. Paddle the Pieman and its tributaries, leaving no human footprint.

Guests can also fish, fossick, pan for gold, explore, or recharge their batteries in the quality eco retreats. Night time experiences are also rewarding, with wallabies grazing on the grassy hill at Corinna. See spotted quolls roaming in the dusk, Tasmania devils playing with shoes that have been left unguarded on balconies, and tawny frog mouths flapping their wings after dark. Hear the sounds of the Southern Ocean roaring 20 km away, and on clear nights, witness the most amazing stellar display.

Do I need to book?
Booking is essential in the high season and recommended year round. If you wish to take a cruise, take a kayak trip, or want something special organised in advance, it is necessary to book online.

What do I need to bring?
Apart from whatever food you might want to prepare in the retreats, there is very little else that guests need to bring other than some warm and waterproof clothing, and a good pair of walking shoes or boots. All retreats have heating. A pair of binoculars might be useful for checking out wildlife. Many people come to Corinna specifically to paint or take photographs. Photographers might wish to put in a tripod if they want to take shots in the rainforest (which can be quite dark). Anglers need to bring their own equipment but can buy licences from the Tarkine Hotel. Packed lunches are available from the restaurant for day trips.

Can I learn more about Corinna and the Tarkine before coming?
This website has some good background information and the links take you to some interesting sites that allow further exploration. We are trying to build a good collection of historical information at Corinna and certainly welcome comments or even old material and information that guests may have. There is so much to capture about the colourful past of this place when it was an active mining town, and so much to learn about the natural history, existing ecosystem, and issues around sustainability of this globally significant temperate rainforest. Or click for more info.

Can I book a function at Corinna?
Absolutely! Corinna was the site of the first feature film made in Australia in 1925 (Jewelled Nights). Since then we have hosted old time dances (the acoustics are amazing!), Fiftieth birthday parties, a family reunion, company conferences, painting workshops, and product launches. Corinna is remote, is an escape and is different – which makes it an ideal place to create an unforgettable event. People who come to Corinna often talk about the personal renewal and spiritual boost that comes from the whole experience.

Is fuel available at Corinna?
Fuel is not sold at Corinna. Please note that the last available fuel is at Waratah (1hr) to the north; Zeehan (1hr) to the south; and Marrawah (2 hrs) to the west.

What about contact with the outside world?
We think that the ability to escape from mobile phones, internet services and newspapers is one of the great advantages flowing from a trip to Corinna. There is however, ability to have contact with the outside world through the phone lines into the office. Messages can be delivered to guests through the main number 03 6446 1170.

What is Corinna like in the off season?
The Corinna Wilderness Experience has something to offer at all times of the year. While summer is the most popular season, there are many guests who prefer the off season. Balmy autumn days, winter nights around a log fire, spring when the whitebait and fish are running, all offer different perspectives of the rainforest and wild west coast experience. Interestingly, Corinna seems to have its own microclimate. It tends to be a couple of degrees warmer than Strahan. The weather can also change quite quickly, with a shower giving way to clear skies. The owners of Corinna tend to take their time at Corinna in the off season, by choice. We think that there will be an increasing demand from couples and groups in the off season, recognising the capacity of Corinna to provide a rejuvenating experience.

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