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Corinna Overview


he Corinna Wilderness Experience provides an escape from mass tourism, to one of the most remote and beautiful parts of the world, where guests are at home in the wilderness.

Corinna is an historic mining town, set in pristine rainforest on the banks of the majestic Pieman River in western Tasmania. Corinna is, as the sea eagle flies, 60km north of Strahan, 70km west of Cradle Mountain and 18km from the Southern Ocean. It sits at the southern end of the Tarkine the largest temperate rainforest in Australia – and is the northern most point where the famous Huon pine grows. This ancient unbroken tract of rainforest shows a world beyond human memory and is a living link with the ancient super continent Gondwanaland.

The staff at Corinna provide a warm welcome and plenty of guidance towards a range of unique wilderness experiences, including cruises on the Pieman River in the legendary Huon pine vessel, MV Arcadia II. Corinna provides an unforgettable wild edge experience that is difficult to find in Tasmania and elsewhere in the world. A range of kayaking, walking, boating, fishing, bird watching and nature experiences are available to guests staying in the ensuited, eco- friendly retreats. The hospitality and quality of the food and beverages in the Tarkine Hotel and Tannin Restaurant add another dimension to a Corinna visit. Opportunities also abound to explore and recall the exploits of the early miners and the aboriginal communities who made the west coast home as many as 30,000 years ago.

Corinna was inhabited by white settlers in 1881 and proclaimed a town in 1894, following a flood of people coming to the area in pursuit of gold. The township of Corinna (in the Pieman River State Reserve) is singularly placed in Tasmania’s history as a unique example of a remote mining town that has survived. Before that, the Tarkiner people made Corinna and the nearby Tarkine areas their home for 30,000 years.

Today, Corinna is an oasis in the wild where a small settlement hangs on the banks of a beautiful river, offering a place to rest.

There are plenty of accommodation alternatives at Corinna, including the original Roadman’s cottage with double bed, the old pub which is like a guest house (with single and double rooms) available for groups and sixteen new wilderness retreats built in the original style.

The new accommodation offers twelve one bedroom cottages with queen beds and six two bedroom cottages. Heated rooms, comfortable beds, hot showers, fridges and cooking facilities mean that at Corinna you are at home in the wilderness.

The township is powered by an eco-friendly solar system with back-up generators. Corinna has pure rainwater (probably the most pure water in the world) and all waste is removed from site. The general store, old guest house and original buildings bring alive the history of Corinna, which is a starting point to connect with the surrounding wilderness in all of its facets. Corinna is accessible by normal 2WD motor vehicles, with the town reached from the south by crossing the Pieman River on the legendary “Fatman” barge. The Tarkine Hotel and Tannin Restaurant have become a focal point of life for the Corinna community Lunch and dinners are available at the Tannin Restaurant, which uses local produce as much as possible.

For guests who wish to cook in their retreats, there are cook tops but no ovens. Some provisions are available through the Corinna General Store. Barbecue facilities are also available in the Produce Store near the new wilderness retreats.

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